INFECTION /Record Design/Michael Gordo.
This album is an imaginary experimental ensemble composed by Michael Gordon. His music is often associated with the genres of totalism. The name of the album is “Infection”. I manipulated the image of a cell to show the process of infection and deterioration. The distorted handwritten typeface also corresponds with the theme of this album. My inspiration for this design is Stan Barakhage, an experimental filmmaker.

Event Poster for ZGAS.

Vintage Postcards For Urban Outfitters.

I created a series of vintage postcards for Urban Outfitters. The brand focuses on a young, hip, retro and funky style. I illustrated the retro apparel and accessories that not only match the different seasons, but also the essence of the brand.

New York Postmodern Architecture Conference Poster Series

Force and Art/Exhibition Design/Poster

FUTURA Type Specimen. Paul Renner’s Futura was created based on the Bauhaus ideology. In the poster, I break down each letter of Futura into strictly geometric shapes.

Didot Type Specimen

Experimental typeface with iron powder

Experimental typeface with iron powder

logo design for Acts of Kindness Marathon


Projects from time to time